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Adult book series are geared to grown readers. Several genres are included in adult books such as mystery, science fiction, christian, and health. The often serious subject matter is not appropriate for children or adolescents.

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction book series take readers back in time, combining real historical details with interesting stories. These books often focus on important events, periods, or people from history, giving readers a way to learn about the past through exciting narratives. Historical fiction is great for those who love to explore different times and cultures. The genre includes various types like wartime stories, historical mysteries, and tales about famous figures. With careful research, these books make history feel real and engaging for today's readers.

Action / Thriller

These book series will keep you on the edge of your seat and will make it difficult to put the book down. Filled with red herrings, plot twists, unreliable narrators, and cliffhangers, you'll always want to know how the books will end. There are so many great series that have recently been published and we have them all in order with a checklist to make sure you read them in order. Enjoy the suspense.


Fantasy books feature imaginary and unrealistic elements, such as magic, magical creatures, and alternate worlds. Magic, the supernatural and magical creatures are common in many of these imaginary worlds. We've gathered the most popular fantasy book series on our website and have a checklist for each one. Enjoy these new worlds of adventure.


Romance book series are popular among young adult and adult readers. Typically the adult romance series include more graphic tellings of the physical interactions between characters. Romance series usually have happy endings between the romantic main characters but newer series are known to include tragic outcomes.

Christian / Religious

Christian and religious books are written for those in the Christian faith looking for real life application. These books can be personal stories, testimonies, or applications of Christian principles. Christian fiction is also a popular genre in which Christian principles are incorporated in fictional stories.


Cookbooks typically offer recipes and best practices for specific types of cuisine. Different culinary styles, specialty diets, and celebrity cookbooks are popular cookbooks. Below are the most popular cookbooks in 2024.


Business books are typically guides for creating or maintaining successful businesses. These books can be about management, marketing, innovation, or nonfictional accounts of those who have experienced success in the business world. The topics business books cover vary as greatly as the experiences of those who author them.


Adult mystery books are crime or suspense novels that remain mysterious until the end. Mystery books are popular among adult readers with many bestselling book series. These books often include murder and serious crime and are usually not appropriate for sensitive readers.

Science Fiction

Science fiction books are creative and futuristic novels about time travel, advanced technology, space civilizations, or extraterrestrial life. There are many popular fan favorite books series for adults in the science fiction genre.