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The Baby Sitters Club

The Baby Sitters Club book series in order

The Baby Sitters Club

Author : Ann Martin
Books In Series : 131
Reading Level : Grades 3-5

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The Babysitters Club original chapter book series was written by Ann M. Martin beginning in 1986. These coming of age stories follow the 12 year old founding members of the Babysitters Club, Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, & Stacey. Over the series the girls support each other through different challenges like divorce, blended families, friendships, and illnesses. This beloved series inspired The Babysitters Club Little Sister series by Ann M. Martin and 2 popular graphic novel series The Babysitters Club by Raina Teglemeier and Babysitters Little Sister by Katy Farina .

The Baby Sitters Club Book Series in Order