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Rainbow Magic Fairies

Rainbow Magic Fairies book series in order

Rainbow Magic Fairies

Author : Daisy Meadows
Books In Series : 206
Reading Level : Grades 1-3

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Rainbow Magic is a young reader book series that follows Rachel & Kirstie on adventures to help various fairies find magical objects hidden by Jack Frost & his goblins. The stories are simple to follow and have small illustrations to engage young readers. The Magic Fairy series has hundreds of books for fans to explore and meet all of the fairies. Each group of fairy books within each subseries contain 5-7 books. For example, the Rainbow Fairies subseries (Ruby the Red Fairy, Amber the Orange Fairy, Saffron the Yellow, etc) or the Weather Fairies. There are also longer Rainbow Magic Special Edition fairies that are stand alone tales. An early reader group of books takes some of the series favorites and condenses them to a learn to read format.

Rainbow Magic Fairies Book Series in Order